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2-Day Yangshuo Landscape & Cormorant Fishermen Photography Tour

  • Take breathtaking photos of mountains and rivers during sunrise and sunset

  • Capture the cormorant fishermen from dawn until dusk

  • Take landscape panorama shots on mountain tops

  • Photograph the beautiful countryside scenery with the locals




2 days

Fitness level


Drone friendly


Tour type



May to October

A photo escape like no other

The itinerary has been crafted by a photography specialist to inspire your next escape. You have the flexibility to personalize it according to your preferences and style, allowing you to capture the scenery and locals on your own conditions and departing at your convenience.

Photo Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Landscape from Sunrise to Sunset

At 4am, the photography guide will meet you at your hotel then heading to Xianggong Hill, which is considered one of the best spots in Yangshuo for capturing breathtaking photos of the karst mountains and the scenic Li River at sunrise.

Following breakfast at a local rice noodle restaurant, we'll drive to a peaceful village off the beaten path. Here, you'll have the chance to photograph the buffalo farmer on an ancient stone bridge and mountains in a distance.

Following a brief break, we'll visit an ancient town. You'll  have the opportunity to visit a local's house, where you can capture photogenic portraits in their charming old wooden house, enhanced by natural light and a sense of history.

In the afternoon, we'll embark on a 1-hour drive to a mountain, where we'll capture breathtaking images of the sunset over the classic karst mountains and rivers from a high vantage point.

Day 2: Cormorant Fishermen & Countryside

Our day begins with an early morning drive to a hidden spot beside the Li River. We'll have the chance to capture stunning mountain reflections in the river. With one cormorant fisherman in the water, we'll photograph the tranquil scene of fishing at dawn and the sunrise above the fishing nets.

Following that, we will proceed towards Yulong River to capture more scenic countryside photographs.


We will then begin our session in the late afternoon, where we can take pictures of the flooded rice fields and karst mountains against the backdrop of the sunset.


Alternatively, we can also capture the sunset on a bridge as the bamboo rafts return home.

Trip Notes

01. Camera and lens suggestions

  • My recommendation to customers is to carry two cameras while photographing, as it saves time in changing lenses, especially during sunrise and sunset when the scenery changes rapidly. This ensures that you don't miss any beautiful moments.

  • For landscape photography, it's best to bring a wide-angle and zoom lens, such as 24-70mm and 70-200mm.

  • Additionally, a tripod is essential in low-light conditions, such as at dawn and dusk.

02. Drone photography

Drone photography in Yangshuo and Longji rice terraces is a must-try experience as the stunning mountain views are best captured from above. A drone can capture breathtaking aerial shots that are otherwise impossible to reach.


Moreover, there are no special restrictions for drone flying in Guilin and its surrounding areas.

What's Included

  • Photography guiding

  • All transportation in the itinerary

  • Entrance fees

  • Expenses of people photography involved

  • Personal processing instructions

  • Fresh Coffee if outdoor in early morning


Photography Begins Here

All you need to do is provide us with your requirements, and we will connect you with an experienced local photography guide.

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