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5-Day Xiapu Photography Tour

Join us on a private photography tour of Xiapu to capture stunning mudflats and local seaweed farmer work scenes in China.

  • Take breathtaking photos of mudflat at sunrise and sunset

  • Buffalo farmer under banyan tree when sunrise

  • People portrait photography in old houses

  • Local seaweed farmer work scenes on mudflat

  • Fishermen throwing net in mangrove




5 days, 4 nights

Fitness level


Drone friendly


Tour type



April to November

A photo escape like no other

The itinerary has been crafted by a photography specialist to inspire your next escape. You have the flexibility to personalize it according to your preferences and style, allowing you to capture the scenery and locals on your own conditions and departing at your convenience.

Photo Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Xiapu Arrival & Sunset

We will pick you up from the train station when you arrive in Xiapu via high-speed train from Fuzhou or Xiamen.


After a short break, we will head to a bridge to capture the stunning mudflat scenery during sunset. The golden sunset glow reflecting on the mudflat creates a beautiful color and reflection that is perfect for photography.


You will be staying at the best local hotel in Xiapu for the duration of your trip.

Day 2: Sunrise, Buffalo Farmer Under Sunray and S-Curve

Our day will begin early at 4 am as we head to a high spot by the seaside to capture the stunning sunrise over the ocean and small islands in the water.


Afterward, we will visit Yangjiaxi village, which is famous for its giant banyan trees. You can take photos of a farmer couple with their buffalo under a big banyan tree and capture the beautiful sun rays shining through the branches and leaves.

Later in the afternoon, we will head to the S-curve, which is formed by bamboo poles and crab nets during the seaweed harvest season. You can capture the coming and leaving boats that add to the scene.


Additionally, you can photograph the working scene of seaweed drying and harvesting during twilight, which will create a unique and beautiful effect.

Day 3: Sunrise, Seaweed Harvesting and Mudflats in Backlighting 

Our journey begins at Mantou Hill, where we'll capture the breathtaking sunrise illuminating the golden mudflat and countless bamboo poles adorned with drying seaweed. As the tides slowly engulf the mudflat and poles, the scenery will transform before our eyes.

Next, we'll photograph the daily life of villagers as they gather, hang, and dry seaweed in their community.

Once we've enjoyed breakfast and a brief respite, we'll turn our lenses to the floating nets in a shallow tidal zone. These nets, once employed for shrimp fishing, now serve as captivating subjects for photographers, along with the raft man and the nets fluttering in the breeze.

As the day draws to a close, we'll head to the renowned Xiaohao Beach to capture the mudflat at sunset and the silhouettes of local farmers working against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Day 4: Sunrise Over Fish Farms, Circle Nets and Portraits 

We will start our day early and drive for 40 minutes to Xia Qing Shan bridge. Here, we will capture the local fishermen collecting fish and nets from the water. The sunrise over the fish farms and golden fish nets cables will make for beautiful photographs.

Next, we will photograph the fishermen working in the oyster farms. During high tides, we will capture the rounded nets on the mudflat, which have unique textures and colors ideal for time-lapse photography.


In the late afternoon, we will visit the well-preserved ancient houses of the She minority people. We will photograph a girl weaving in her family-owned private museum with natural light, and an 80+ year old grandma cooking on a traditional hearth.

Day 5: Fishermen in Mangrove, Indoor Portraits and Departure

Our day begins at 9 am as we head towards the mangrove area. Our objective is to capture the essence of the fishermen couple as they wander through the lush greenery and showcase their exceptional fishing skills. The location is perfect for capturing stunning monochromatic images with its simplistic yet elegant frames.

Next, we drive to a local ancestral temple in a village, where we will capture the image of a skilled lady mending the nets. The natural lighting in the temple is a sight to behold, as it seeps through the partially closed doors and illuminates the work scene, creating a picturesque setting.

Last, we will transfer you to the train station, where you will depart for your next adventure.

Trip Notes

01. The best time for photography

The best time to visit Xiapu is from April through November, with May and October being the busiest months when numerous Chinese photographers gather in one location. The attached photo is a testament to this fact.

During April and October, the locals harvest seaweed, providing opportunities for photographing the local farmer work scenes.


02. How to get to Xiapu?

Xiapu, a small county in Ningde City, is located near Fuzhou. You can easily reach Xiapu by high-speed train from Fuzhou or Xiamen, both of which have international flights from Singapore, the US, Canada, and European countries.


The journey takes approximately 1 hour from Fuzhou and 3 hours from Xiamen.

03. Camera and lens suggestions

  • My recommendation to customers is to carry two cameras while photographing, as it saves time in changing lenses, especially during sunrise and sunset when the scenery changes rapidly. This ensures that you don't miss any beautiful moments.

  • For landscape photography, it's best to bring a wide-angle and zoom lens, such as 24-70mm and 70-200mm.

  • Additionally, a tripod is essential in low-light conditions, such as at dawn and dusk.

04. Drone photography

Drone photography in Yangshuo and Longji rice terraces is a must-try experience as the stunning mountain views are best captured from above. A drone can capture breathtaking aerial shots that are otherwise impossible to reach.


Moreover, there are no special restrictions for drone flying in Guilin and its surrounding areas.

What's Included

  • Photography guiding

  • All transportation in the itinerary

  • Accomordation ( local best boutique hotels) for 4 nights, breakfast each morning at your hotel

  • Personal processing instructions

  • Fresh Coffee if outdoor in early morning

  • Airport/train station pick up and transfer in Guilin or Yangshuo

  • 24/7 in-destination support from our local office


Photography Begins Here

All you need to do is provide us with your requirements, and we will connect you with an experienced local photography guide.

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