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Guilin Photography Tours


We are committed to offering one-on-one
photography guidance in Guilin

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Ideas for your photography tour to Guilin

Our local photographer guide has meticulously crafted all the photography tours based on their extensive experience and the preferences of our previous customers.


With their expertise and our commitment to providing exceptional service, we ensure that every detail is taken care of. You can rest assured knowing that you will have a seamless and unforgettable photo tour in Guilin.

Buffalo farmer and karst mountains

​Want to customize a photo tour by your interests and preferences?

We can easily crafted an itinerary just for you.

Zhaoxing Dong Village (2).jpg

7 Days   |   Guilin - Sanjiang - Zhaoxing

Mount Yao

The best time to visit Guilin

Guilin experiences a long rainy season that typically spans from December to April, although the exact duration may vary each year. Consequently, the best time for photography is generally between May and October, with September and the middle of October being particularly favorable.

It is important to note that Guilin tends to be quite crowded during public holidays such as the May Labor Holiday (May 1-5), National Day Holiday (October 1-7), and the summer holiday period from July to August. This holds true not only for Guilin but for the entire country of China.

If you seek our recommendation for the best time to visit, we would suggest considering June, September, and the middle of October as ideal options. 

For those interested in capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the yellow rice terraces in Longji, the best time window is relatively brief, spanning from the end of September to October 15th. During this period, you can witness the stunning transformation of the terraces, making it the ideal time for photography enthusiasts.


Top photography things

  1. Xianggong Hill for sunrise

  2. Cormorant fishermen at dawn and dusk

  3. Yulong River countryside scenery

  4. Yangshuo mountains and rice fields

  5. Longji rice terraces

  6. Countryside mountains in Guilin

  7. Ancient towns & local people

How many days do I need?

To capture the best shots of Guilin, it is recommended to spend 3 to 5 days.

  • For a one-day stay, you can begin with a captivating cormorant fisherman session at dawn and end the day with a picturesque sunset shoot in Yangshuo.

  • If you have 2 days, you can further explore the stunning mountains of Yangshuo for both sunrise and sunset. Additionally, you can take a trip to the countryside or visit an ancient town.

  • With 3 days at your disposal, in addition to exploring the Yangshuo area, you can dedicate one day to the Longji rice terraces, where you can capture breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in the culture of the local minority tribes.

  • For a more extensive visit lasting 4 to 5 days, you can continue climbing mountains in the Yangshuo area to capture sunrises and sunsets. Furthermore, you can spend a night in the Longji rice terraces, allowing you to experience the beauty of a sunrise and sunset over the minority village.

It's a great mixture of people and landscape... Mercier really know about what you need for taking great shots.

Heiner, Germany

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